As a small business owner, you’ve put everything you have into growing a company that can support your family as well as your local economy. It hasn’t always been easy. As a matter of fact, it may never have been easy. And even though you’re further along now than you were when you started, every dollar still counts.


That’s why hiring a Certified Public Accountant to help your Nashville small business with its tax preparation this year is so important, and Beyond Basics Accounting Resources, LLC can help with the accounting, bookkeeping, and strategy you need to be successful. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss three of the biggest reasons why hiring a Certified Public Accountant is worth a look.


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To Save Money

When it comes to professional tax preparation, the small business tax pros at Beyond Basics Accounting Resources, LLC has a single goal: to save you as much money as possible. 


As a small business owner, no one knows more than you how important the bottom line is. Having a certified public accountant prepare your taxes can help. However, for a CPA to be successful, they need access to accurate records, reliable reports, and other accounting records that are crucial to filing in a way that saves you money. We can help with all of that.

For Reliable Record Keeping

The first step to success with this year’s taxes is effective record keeping. At Beyond Basics Accounting Resources, LLC we can help make sure that everything is in order for this year’s filing, and if you need bookkeeping and accounting services in the coming year to make sure that you’re on top of things, we can help with that too.


When you reconcile records, receipts, balances, accounts, and invoices throughout the year, you’re much less likely to miss something that can come back to hurt you. And with a tax preparation expert and a bookkeeping specialist on your team, you’ll be in good shape.

For Audit Support

The reality is that the IRS can choose to audit you even if nothing looks wrong. When that happens, you should expect to have to supply verifications, extra documentation, and possibly even deal with the threat of penalties or fines.


When this happens, having a licensed CPA who prepared your taxes is a huge advantage. Not only are you much less likely to be audited when a CPA prepares your taxes — as this avoids the errors that typically trigger one — but a CPA can actually help you address the audit faster and more effectively than you could on your own.

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