You don’t mess around when it comes to your business’ finances. Neither do we. Offering the power of a full accounting department at the highest level of convenience, Beyond Basics Accounting Resources is the outsourced accounting solution you need. If you aren’t sure, here are the biggest advantages of our outsourced accounting.

It’s cost-effective.

With BBAR, you just pay for the accounting services you need. You don’t have to give us benefits packages as well. Compared with in-house accounting, outsourced accounting can save you up to 40 percent on monthly costs.

It’s efficient.

Proper accounting takes time — a lot of it. If you feel torn between your duties and that no matter what you do, something is always falling through the cracks, we can free up precious minutes and empower you to truly grow your business. We’ll keep you in the loop, follow your vision, and you’ll be free to pursue your passion with our accounting firm by your side.

It’s safe.

Small businesses are particularly at risk for fraud because they can’t afford a CFO or controller with the power to protect their finances. Let us resolve that. Leveraging more than a decade of bookkeeping and accounting experience, we will use proven methods to help protect your finances from danger.

It’s collaborative.

People hesitate to outsource accounting because they feel like they’re losing part of their business. This is not the case. With BBAR, we customize our hard-won knowledge to your bookkeeping and accounting needs and do the busy work so you don’t have to. All the power rests in your hands.

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When you partner with Beyond Basics Accounting Resources near Nashville, you are getting a team of highly-qualified professionals and experts in accounting by your side. We work together to discover loopholes and exemptions you can take advantage of. We double-check all of our work to make sure all the numbers add up so to speak. Plus, we know accounting backwards and forwards, giving you a leg-up when something unusual crops up, or just in the mundane daily tasks of it all.

Outsourcing accounting also reduces employee fraud. While most of us like to think all people are honorable, the fact of the matter is that this is just not the case. In fact, small businesses with less than 100 employees are the most likely to be victims of fraud, with an average loss of about $150,000. This is because these small businesses do not have a third-party CFO controller, accountant, or bookkeeping agency who would notice anomalies in the numbers.

However, the biggest advantage to outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services is the fact that it saves you time, worry, and headaches. Daily accounting tasks can be cumbersome, especially on days you are traveling or are busy from daybreak to nightfall. And the last thing you want is to fall behind in accounting. Contact our accounting firm today to get started! 


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